Each of us may be one of the movies we watched when we were young, we have always dreamed of a loft bedroom where we can watch the stars in the roof, perhaps through the minimalistic design of the mirrors through the roof, and where we can always look at ourselves and be happy. But none of us have been able to imagine such peace of mind.

Roof floors , attic bedroom

Bedrooms are private and for couples. For these areas, which are generally not open to the use of guests, using the attic bedroom a very good choice. The fact that the penthouses are secluded makes this a completely private area for you. By turning the attic into the bedroom, you can gain an extra room on the lower floors. Qualified attic bedroom where stone and wood are used together have been very trendy recently.

 Avusturya, Roof

Most people hide their belongings in the attic and use it more as a warehouse. But why? With a few pictures and even a few furniture and creativity, you can turn this space into a beautiful loft attic bedroom.

If you can decorate the lofts correctly and properly, you can create very beautiful environments no matter how small. The reason why the attic attracts so much attention is that they offer this sweet, cute environment. It is possible to decorate those with high ceilings in a cooler way. However, it is necessary to decorate the low ceilings and small ones to be cute. You can create a cozy decoration on the floor that gives the appearance of fairy tales with tiny colored cushions, low armchairs, coffee tables and tables. You can find these warm and beautiful examples in the roof decoration examples in our gallery.

Terraced attic

Not all lofts have a terrace or balcony. But if you have it, you are very lucky and have a great location. It would be very wrong not to evaluate this area. You can decorate your room in this way. You can even turn this abundantly lit area into a living room and host your guests here. How wrought iron table chair sets used on the terrace will beautify the environment. Also, keep in mind that you can decorate your terrace as you wish.

white bed frame beside attic window

Although the roof floors are more congested in terms of their properties, the roof floors with terraces are relatively more spacious. Decoration applications in these lofts that can be used as living rooms must be made according to the light. However, when decorating your attic, we should pay attention to a few items. We must move without forgetting that the attic floors are narrow spaces. You should choose the item according to the size of the room.

bedroom furniture set

None of us want to see a pile of things in the attic. Our aim is to create a spacious environment. Using light colors, you can make your loft more spacious and large. If you have a budget, you can add color to your room with glass ceilings, huge mirrors covering the walls. We are used to the fact that most of the lofts are sloped, but there are both rustic look and flat roofs. In this example, white color is preferred on all surfaces, coffee table and buffet are made of natural wood, vivid colors are used in rugs, throw pillows and ornaments as decorative.

attic bedroom

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