Balcony models decoration examples: Large and small balcony decoration examples. Narrow tall balcony decoration ideas, closed glass balcony decoration and square balcony examples. Here are creative balcony designs and the latest balcony decorations…

In large cities where even having a balcony that we can breathe from now on becomes a luxury, balcony sizes are getting smaller. The narrow long balconies of the old, now replaced by French balconies (!). So you may be confused about how to make these valuable areas useful, which often have odd shapes and sizes. But don’t worry; below, we have shared solutions for balcony models of all shapes and sizes of large, small, long, narrow, square, rectangular, open, closed and examples of balcony decoration.

Decoration Models

Small Balcony Decoration Examples

You don’t have to compromise on decoration because you have a small balcony. There are quite creative and stylish solutions for these balcony models, some of which are designed to be small enough for one person to stand. For example; You can lay the whole floor with cushions or use balcony tables hanging from the railing. In addition, by adding colorful patterned throw pillows and rugs, vertical gardens and tiny lamps, you can draw the attention from the size of your balcony and draw it into its design.

Below we have shared examples of how useful and stylish even the smallest balcony can be with the right decorating techniques. Here are some examples of cute and useful little balcony decorations…

Every detail that you add to your balcony is very important because you do not have the chance to use too many items on a small balcony. That’s why you should prefer stylish and iconic furniture. Or you can enrich the decoration by painting your existing furniture in stunning colors and using patterned fabrics.

Smallness is of course a relative concept. If you have an extremely small balcony as above, you can create a warm and cozy open-air corner where you can read your book or sip your coffee by laying the floor with cushions.

In this small balcony decoration that stands out with its vertical garden; a lively sitting corner with colorful rugs, sculptural flowerpots and a white sofa.

As in all small rooms, walls are very valuable for a small balcony. You can evaluate the balcony wall with hangers and shelves in a functional way. In the example above; baskets, chairs and magazines are hung on the walls with hangers, and the pots are placed on the shelves.

One of the most important problems of the small balcony is privacy. You can provide privacy on your balcony with light curtains or long thin plants like above.

If you don’t have enough space to put tables and chairs, you can make a simple L-shaped bench and make room for a few people on your balcony. You can also use the bar stool as a coffee table and provide privacy with a light colored curtain.

Or by fixing a mat along the balcony railing, you can ensure your privacy in an exotic way. You can also save space with a balustrade balcony table, which is very useful for small balconies.

A few stylish objects will be enough to add air to your balcony. The example of a balcony above with a black and white rug, a red shawl, old wooden staircase stool and red lantern has a very stylish design. Another small balcony example with black and white patterned fabrics and stylish accessories…

Examples of Large Balcony Decoration

Are you one of the lucky people with a big balcony? Well, do you know how to decorate such a large area? Contrary to popular belief, large balcony decoration is at least as difficult as small balcony decoration. Because there are many options and each option means cost. Below we have shared great balcony decoration ideas and examples with different shapes and sizes.

Obviously, there is not much difference between large balcony decoration and garden decoration. So you can shop for garden furniture and accessories stores for your balcony. Also, don’t forget to use a large rug to define the seating area.

The first thing you need to do for big balcony decoration is to decide on the actions you want to perform. For example, you can create sunbathing areas or a dining corner by adding sun loungers as above.

Moreover, you can use your balcony during the cold winter months by adding an open-air fireplace or fire pit. Or you can design an open-air kitchen and organize barbecue parties with your friends.

If you say big is not so much, at least you can hang a hammock in the corner and use a multi-purpose trolley as above. Büyük Also, large balconies require alternative lighting. You can find dozens of outdoor lighting on the Internet, such as battery-powered balcony lamps, sconces and lanterns.

You can also arrange different seating areas in the balcony as above. Don’t forget to bring the warmth of your home out with rugs and pillows.

Even if your balcony is large, you should prefer furniture as elegant as possible. Do not forget to increase the comfort and reflect your style on your balcony by adding posts and textile layers.

Balcony Models by Shape

Narrow Long Balcony Decoration Examples

In this section, we will examine the narrow tall balcony decoration and solutions, another contractor masterpiece (!). Although narrow long balcony decoration may seem difficult, it is possible to turn this into an advantage. People often use this type of balcony as a warehouse. But with smart methods, you can turn a narrow long balcony into a highly functional and attractive place. Here are examples of narrow long balcony decorations that you can inspire…

Balustrade hanging balcony tables are very useful pieces for narrow balconies. Thanks to these balcony tables, which you can easily find on the Internet, you can enjoy the open air while having your meal against the view. You can also create a more spacious feel by painting the balustrades in white and using light furniture.

Narrow long balcony corners are best suited for arranging a stable seating area. If you have a very narrow balcony, you can fully cover one corner of the balcony with cushions. You can also use this corner as a great reclining chair for sleeping or sunbathing on hot summer nights.

We came to another inspiring narrow tall balcony decoration idea! How about using a corner of your balcony as an open kitchen? If you wish, you can organize a minibar by adding mini fridges and cabinets to the balcony corner. Don’t you think the example of the balcony above with its vertical garden and mini bar looks so cool?

One of the advantages of narrow long balconies is that it allows you to create a garden atmosphere by decorating it all along. The balcony example above stands out with its furniture and vertical garden design. If you want, instead of decorative plants on your balcony; You can create a balcony garden by planting greenery such as parsley and mint.

Here we see a different version of the seating corner. You can use it for storage purposes by raising your living corner with a crate-style platform in special sizes.

Do you have an extremely narrow balcony? At the very least, you can lay a carpet of grass and sew flowers along the balcony bars to surround your home with a lush green look.

You can create a focal point by painting the balcony wall and using wall accessories, take the attention from the shape of the balcony and slide it into the beauty of its design.

Square Balcony Decoration Examples

You are lucky if you have a large enough and square-shaped balcony. Because the ideal area to organize a real seating area is square or near square. A square-shaped balcony allows you to put a coffee table in the middle by arranging mutual seating areas. This turns your balcony into an open living room where you can have conversations with your loved ones. Here are examples of stylish and intimate square balcony decorations…

With pallets, which is the most economical, useful and popular solution for balcony decoration, you can make living areas and coffee tables of any size. Even though it may seem a bit unusable, the white color adds a summery feel to your balcony. Do you think the example of the balcony above with its straw rug, lamps and posts does not look very stylish and enjoyable?

There is a widespread opinion of leaning the furniture against the wall. By placing your furniture at an angle as above, you can look at the view from any angle and add movement to the design. I guess there is no need to emphasize the air that peanut green adds to the balcony.

What we said, the square balcony allows reciprocal seating areas. How about creating a picnic atmosphere on the balcony by using opposite benches as above, even buying a ready-made picnic table?

An example of an elegant square balcony decoration with black and white rugs, wicker and rattan furniture…

Putting a comfortable seat on one side and adding tiny wire stools and a folding table to the other corner; You can create extra seating areas without creating a crowded image.

Finally, an example of a modern balcony decoration with a wonderful harmony of powder color and gray.

Glass Balcony Decoration – Closed Balcony

Glass balcony designs will allow you to enjoy magnificent scenery and sunny days in four seasons. Glass balconies that you can use for various purposes, also known as closed balconies; Breakfast corner, home office, sports room, sitting area or greenhouse are the ‘bonus’ areas that you can convert and organize according to your needs.  Here, stylish and creative glass balcony decoration and indoor balcony examples that are appreciated with their modern appearance as well as useful…

Glass balcony decoration is practically no different from any interior decoration. This means you can use all kinds of furniture and accessories. Especially if you have a wonderful view like above, you can turn your balcony models into a favorite place of your home by decorating it with special items.

If you have a narrow and long glass balcony models, you can make a wide use by removing the wall facing the balcony if possible. For example, you can turn a certain part of your balcony overlooking the kitchen into a breakfast corner.

If the idea of ​​lifting the wall is not practical, you can have a special bar table by the glass and have your breakfasts against the view. In the example above, one part of the balcony is used as a wardrobe and sitting corner, while the other part is arranged as a bar table.

If you are working from home (home office) how about turning your glass balcony into a private office? With the cabinets, shelves and comfortable chairs as above, you can have a comfortable study room that will make it easier for you to focus on your work. Do not forget to use suitable curtains for light control in this extremely bright area.

If you have a small glass balcony, instead of using it for storage, you can turn away from the noise of the house and turn it into a personal space where you can rest your head. Example of glass balcony above; Doesn’t it look very peaceful with its rattan swing, vertical garden and tiny reading lamp?

For the above glass balcony decoration, comfortable and quality furniture was preferred in the comfort of home. You can arrange a combination of several functions by placing a work table on one side of your balcony and the rest on the other.

Hopefully, ‘balcony models decoration examples‘ our article inspired you to organize your own balcony. So, what are your favorite balcony decoration examples among the above balcony models? Please share with us in the comments.

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