With the development of today’s technology, many preferences have emerged in bathroom floors. How to decorate the bathroom floor in one of the most important points while making a bathroom decoration. Especially since it covers a large part of the bathroom floor, it is the most important decoration of the bathroom. Floor designs in our bathroom will make you look stylish and gorgeous. We dealt with bathroom floor decorations and which floors should be made for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Floor

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  • Live designs
  • Having Thermal Feature
  • Easy to Clean
  • Natural Stones Should Be Selected
  • Having Hard and Durable Natural Stones
  • Being water resistant

Tile Floors

Bathroom floors are the most preferred tiles. Because tiles will provide a durable and stylish look. Especially tiles are very strong against cracks and distortions. When choosing a bathroom, color choices have become a lot of choices in tiled floors. You should design your decorations according to the floor. The biggest feature of tiles is that it is very effective against water.

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When tiles are broken or cracked, you can easily replace them with the same material. Tile floors will give a stylish and spacious look to your bathroom. Especially in bathroom decorations, you should prefer furniture and accessories preferences according to your floors.

How Should Tile Color Choices Be in Your Bathroom?

It is a very important point to make your bathroom big or small, especially when choosing a tile color. Light tiles will change the ambience and visuality of your room. We prefer the floors to be plain and white in large bathrooms. Because with the reflection of the incoming light, it will be able to change the air of your room in an instant. In small bathroom floors, we prefer more vibrant color tones.

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The design of your bathroom is very important when choosing colors. Especially if your bathroom is small, you should prefer walk-in closets. You should completely get rid of unnecessary items in your bathroom. No matter how wide you make your space, you can make your home look stylish. You can use your bathroom as storage space by using built-in closets.

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Scandinavian styles are the most popular style today. By making use of this style, you can make both color preference and decoration design of your bathroom. Scandinavian style uses white, gray and neutral colors as preference. The reason for this is that they preferred color tones because of the harsh winter conditions due to its geographical location. It has become very popular since 1950.

References : fran hogan 

Ceramic Tiles

Today, ceramic tiles are the most used material in bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles are made of clay baked in hot ovens. Its hardness is strengthened because it is cooked for the second time. Ceramic tiles have become the most preferred product in interior and exterior decoration.

References :  fran hogan

The most preferred of ceramic tiles is that it has a maintenance-free surface. Ceramic tiles have been very resistant to breakage, contamination and so on. That’s why we make it a preference for our walls and floors in our homes. The biggest feature of ceramic tiles is that they are clean.

References : Pexels 

Preferring ceramic tiles does not burn and does not harm human health. It has become popular due to its resistance to water. Before decorating ceramic tiles, you should design your bathroom decoration

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Marble Floors

It is among the preferences with its texture and aesthetic appearance on the bathroom floors. Marble is soft and durable. It is used in many houses due to its longevity and durability. It is among the choices in both interior and exterior decorations. The most common reason for using marbles is the thermal insulation. Thanks to this feature, your bathroom will gain a warmer and more spacious look. We prefer black, beige, dark green and cream colors in small bathrooms. It will change the ambiance and visuality of your small bathroom. While decorating your bathroom, you should choose square and rectangular marbles.

References : Christian Mackie 

Marble floors are more expensive than tiles. With its luxurious and modern appearance, it becomes the choice of many houses. Especially with granite marbles floor coverings, you can give your bathroom an aesthetic and spacious look. It is a strong and strong material. It is a long-lasting and useful material.

References : Jean-Philippe Delberghe 

Since marble floors are sensitive, you should clean them with clean water. You should definitely use small cloths during drying. It will not have a dimmed appearance by polishing regularly. It will maintain its luxury and modern appearance. Marble floors are resistant to scratches because they are soft. Therefore, it may have a bad appearance. If you want to use it continuously, you should maintain it.

References : Ronnie George

Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are preferred for people who love natural and simple decoration styles. You can provide a stylish look with a wooden floor gray or light blue color tones. It is not among the choices as much as tiles and marble. Wooden floors are not so many options in bathrooms because they are water resistant.

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It is generally preferred in other rooms of our house.
Since the Color Tones have a brown appearance, it may be difficult to decorate the bathrooms. Since it has a natural and authentic appearance, it is less used in bathroom flooring.

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