Bedrooms are more special areas than other parts of the house. Bedroom furniture is no longer just dark colors like before. In fact, light colors are becoming more popular recently. People place light colored furniture in almost every part of their home. In this way, narrow areas expand and houses get rid of that gloomy air. Likewise, bedrooms have light furniture and other accessories.

For bedroom decoration, you must first design which color to decorate yourself in the room. You can make a beautiful combination with powder and gray tones. But first decide for yourself. Furniture should provide integrity with carpet, wall-colored curtains. The accessories to be used in the decoration of the room should not be the same color. Otherwise, this will strangle the room and become boring.

The bedroom is where we started the day first. It is important both to look aesthetic and to be useful. A bedroom with a dressing area, a sitting corner, and a beautiful fireplace is a sweet and pampering place for most of us. Unfortunately, not all of us have such a luxury. Especially the concept of big bedrooms in apartments in crowded cities has really been a dream. Here, in this article, we will share a few tips on how small bedrooms can be made more functional by using aesthetic arrangements and smart solutions at the same time, and at the same time create wide perception.

Using smart color combinations

Walls painted in light colors in warm bedrooms in small bedrooms always work if they combine with open space choices. Increased contrast can do wonders in this type of room. The walls are thick and, if possible, should be a choice of wood with an open floor covering and a color close to white.

The thing to note here is this. Contrast should be combined in two colors, perhaps a third dominant color may enter but not too much color. Otherwise, the contrast will disappear and the chaos will prevail. This will increase the feeling of tightness that will make the room look crowded.

If contrast is not desired, apply tone-tone tone style and stay in soft colors, too vivid colors should be avoided. It is especially important that the bedding textile stays in the same tones in terms of wide space perception.

If you have chosen your bedroom furniture in dark tones such as brown, smoked, black, you should use the color of your curtains in lighter tones. Many factors such as the ceiling height of the room, whether the glass is large or small, whether it gets sunlight or not, causes differences in the curtain model. If your bedroom glass and room are small, you should choose roller blind models. Thus, the curtain does not take up much space in the room, and if you choose light colors, it will add depth to the room and it will not strangle you. The short curtain will also be a great advantage for small rooms.

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If your bedroom is large, you can easily use background curtain models in your room. The color of your furniture and curtains should be in harmony. If your bedroom furniture is too flashy, you can use your curtains in plain and soft colors. But if you like the show, you can choose colors like turquoise, red, yellow and even look at patterned background curtain models. Remember, the choice of a curtain compatible with the room will affect the decoration of the house.

Whether you choose roller blinds or background curtains, if you want an eye-catching and stylish look in the bedroom, decorate it by considering the color harmony. Curtains are the first noticeable accessories in the decoration of the room. For example, a harmony between your bedspread and a curtain can make the room look more elegant.

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