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Every room in your home is important, and each of them must carry a special message, an air. The bedroom is a complete relaxation and revival area. When decorating your bedroom, you should keep these important factors in mind. No matter your taste or the style you prefer, because everyone wants to feel comfortable. You can determine your color, furniture, pattern, floor and accessory preferences with your designer and create a new bedroom for yourself as a calm and relaxing refuge.

How can I choose the right bedroom style for myself?

When designing your bedroom, it is useful to dwell on a particular style and its sub-themes. Aesthetics are important, but functionality should not be forgotten. Do you need more space for storage? If so, will these storage areas be easily placed in your design? The styles section on can be very useful in choosing which style will be right for you, especially if you have a lot of ideas and have difficulty compiling and collecting them. This section is grouped under categories such as minimal, modern, eclectic and colonial.

Style guide for bedroom design and decoration

Modern bedrooms:

Simple, basic colors such as gray, white and black characterize modern bedrooms. The walls act as a backdrop for abstract patterns and geometric prints. The covers on the furniture are far from tiring details. Steel beds and headboards accompany them. Showcase walls have assertive designs such as plain striped wallpaper. Ambitious colors interspersed with various parts of the room serve to attract visual attention. Accessories are minimal in modern bedroom designs.

Country / country style bedrooms:

Neutral tones on painted walls are indispensable for country / country style bedrooms. If a piece of lilac, blue or green is added, white helps to create a softer image. Floral pattern wallpapers can also be used on showcase walls. Solid pine or all kinds of white furniture are also suitable choices for rural bedrooms. Elegant French-style furniture also makes a nice addition to bedrooms of this type.

Industrial-style bedrooms:

The key element in industrial-style bedrooms is the use of unprocessed materials and rough surfaces as much as possible. Unplastered brick walls are a very popular choice for this style, and they really create a stylish look. You can also go directly to painting bare bricks in white to get a brighter place. Aged wood materials will also suit industrial bedrooms. The pipes that will remain on the plaster will also create a warehouse-like image and contribute to the industrial style. For bed furniture, metal preferences such as iron, steel or even copper are extremely good options for this style.

The most beautiful bedrooms ideas

Rustic bedrooms:

The most important element in rustic bedrooms is undoubtedly solid wood. Stone walls can also be an important step towards capturing a true rustic style. Rustic bedroom decorations match well with minimal designs.

Scandinavian bedrooms:

White walls, black and white furniture and green accents, large wall hangers and various accessories will blend perfectly with the wooden floor. Scandinavian-style bedrooms The decisive simplicity and functionality for Scandinavian-style bedrooms. If elegance is an important point for you, you will love these types of bedrooms.

There are wide pouffe and vintage chests at the bedside. These are both functional and attractive pieces that match the overall style. Soft lighting is also an important factor in Scandinavian-style bedrooms.

What floor should I have in my bedroom?

Flashy and comfortable carpets easily adapt to bedrooms. The floor is an important element in the decoration of these rooms. Because when you wake up in the morning, stepping on a hard floor as the first job can be a cheesy experience. Therefore, the carpet will be a comfortable choice. However, keep in mind that carpets hold dust and require regular cleaning. Also, possible stains can be difficult to remove and carpets are not as durable as wooden floors.

If you like the look of wooden floors and want to choose it because it requires less maintenance, it may be useful to put various rugs on it. These will soften the image of the room a little and add warmth to the environment. Tile coating can also be a good option, especially for hot areas. They will help keep your room cool. Petroleum-based coatings and laminate are other options you can consider for your bedroom.

What are the sine qua non of a bedroom? Tips for decoration

Before you start buying items for your bedroom, be sure to decide on the wall color or wallpaper model and the floor type you prefer. The color or wallpaper you choose will help you create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Think carefully about the environment you are designing and decide what lighting you need for this. You don’t want the lights in your bedroom to be very bright.

On the other hand, too weak lighting will be annoying for activities that you may want to do in the evening, such as sewing, reading a book, or surfing the Internet.

Bedroom accessories: Accessories play an important function in reflecting your personality to your bedroom and for this reason, it is very important to choose bedroom accessories carefully. Sometimes they can even be multifunctional to renovate your bedroom or change the mood of your bedroom with minor changes between the two decorations. When arranging your bedroom, you make the final touches that reflect your individual characteristics through accessories.

Soft floors are perfect for bedrooms. They add comfort, style and color. Cashmere covers also give a warm and luxurious feeling. Stunning pictures can also be an interesting decoration idea for your bedroom, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. Scented candles are also usually a good bedroom idea. Knitted baskets provide extra space to store your belongings, and they match well with natural, rustic and eclectic styles.

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