Bedroom Wall Decoration & Decorations 2020

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You can have a perfect bedroom suite. Your bed and headboard can be special and stylish. So, do you still find your bedroom ordinary and boring? Let us guess; probably the reason is the large and empty wall space that you don’t even notice behind your bed. This empty wall, which is generally ignored during decoration, makes you feel something is missing no matter how much you fill your bedroom.

It is not easy to decorate this shapeless wall that directly affects the atmosphere of your bedroom, we are aware. In this article, we have shared some bedside wall decoration ideas that will inspire you while arranging the long and narrow wall space behind the bed. Here are some examples of creative bedroom wall decorations:

Paint an Ambitious Color or Cover it with Wallpaper

You can paint the wall behind your bed in a vivid color or cover it with a wonderful patterned wallpaper.

Hang a Patterned Carpet or Macrame Wall Ornament

If it fits your style, hanging a carpet sideways on the wall behind your bed can be a great solution to decorate this big wall. In fact, if you have insulation problems on your wall, you will provide some thermal insulation in this way.

You can add style to your bedroom wall with your own macrame wall decoration hanging on a stick.

Use Wall Mural

With this cool world map picture in shades of gray, a contemporary look is obtained in an ordinary bedroom. You can add personality to your bedroom with a similar study.

Design an Art Gallery Wall

How about designing your own gallery wall by putting together your favorite pictures and photos? For safety reasons, we recommend using double-sided tape instead of nails when hanging up your artwork to prevent them from falling down.

Use Divider Panels

Another fast and effective method to fill this empty wall area behind your bed is to use divider panels that rise up to the ceiling. This three-piece panel, covered in silk, adds elegance and elegance to the room.

Hang a Horizontal Table or Mirror

Not sure what size of table you should hang on your bed? For an ideal look, choose a table 5 to 30 cm shorter than your bed width and center it on your bed.

If you have a small bedroom, you can create a spacious feeling in your bedroom by hanging a horizontal mirror instead of a table. You should only be careful when hanging the mirrors as they can be dangerous. We even recommend getting professional support to safely mount your mirror.

In this bedroom example, two design elements are used together, a textured and high quality wallpaper and a modern painting in contrasting colors.

Hang Your Wall Panels Horizontally Side by Side

These three-piece metal lattice wall panels are perfect pieces for wall decoration on the bed.

You can place your wall panels as close or far apart as you want to fill your wall space. The important thing is to leave an equal distance between them for a symmetrical look.

Use Vertical Panels For High Walls

If you have a bedroom with a high ceiling, you can hang the vertical wall panels side by side to decorate your wall.

Hang Sculptural Objects in Random Order

Instead of hanging paintings in a classic way, you can decorate your headboard wall with more original and 3D pieces. You can design your own unique wall decor by scattered pieces of different sizes on the wall to create a dynamic effect.

By decorating your wall with paper wall ornaments in a modern and fun way, you can add an extraordinary touch to your bedroom.

Add Stylish Storage Spaces

By adding modern storage areas, you can make the space on your bed available. Especially if you have a narrow space in your bedroom, you can provide a functional and aesthetic appearance by storing a large number of your items with cupboards embedded in the wall, mirrored or colored covers.

We hope that the examples we shared for bedroom wall decoration have inspired you. So how did you decorate your bedroom wall? Please share your creative ideas with us in the comments …

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