Nightstands are the most important furniture of the bedrooms after the bed and wardrobe. They usually take place in our bedside table and host our belongings that we may need before and after sleep and during sleep. With its small size and uncomplicated structure compared to other furniture, nightstands are products that are not challenging to design and manufacture. In this way, we can create our own bedside table with various DIY ideas. If you want to create a dresser that suits your decoration style, you can continue reading our article with different ideas of do-it-yourself bedside table!

In this article, we aim to eliminate the question marks in your mind. By following the tips we have compiled, you can easily choose the right bedside table. Now let’s see what it says, professional hands.

Things to consider when choosing bedside table:

  • Ideal dresser size,
  • Purpose of usage,
  • Durability,
  • Functionality
  • Harmony,
  • Style.

What is the Ideal Commode Size?

Choose your bedside table in your bedroom, paying attention to the ideal size to avoid makeshift. So what are these measurements? The height of a bedside table is on average 65-72 cm and the depth is about 60 cm.

To make things easier, this tip is for you. Base on your mattress for height. Either your bedside table is flush with your bed mattress or it is at least 5 cm high. As a depth, you can choose a bedside table between your bed and the wall to remain 5 cm each.

Surface Selection by Purpose of Use.

What does the bedside table do for you? To put your tea or coffee accompanying your book? If you use it for this purpose, make sure that the floor you choose is resistant to stains. You can choose bedside tables made of glass and metal alloy surfaces. Because traces of glasses may remain on wooden floors.

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Durability According to Items to be placed.

If you want to place lampshades and different accessories on the bedside table, you should choose a surface that can support their weight. For example, if you will place a heavy vase and lighting on the bedside table, the bedside table with glass surface or a thin floor will not be suitable for you. If this is the case, you can consider wood or metal nightstands with a thicker surface.

Functional Nightstands with More Storage Space.

If your bedroom is small and you need extra storage, make sure that the nightstand you choose is multi-drawer. Also, the brighter the nightstand you will use in your small bedroom, the more spacious the view is provided. You can consider mirror bedside tables in this regard.

Fit According to the Size of the Bed.

One of the criteria that determines the size of the bedside cabinet that you choose is the size of your bed. If you have a large bed and your room is large, the nightstand you choose should also be large. Otherwise, your nightstand will not provide visual saturation.

Style By Your Room.

Another criterion you will pay attention to when choosing a bedside table is the style of your room. You have two options in this regard. You can either choose a dresser in the same style and create a risk-free harmony. Or, you can take advantage of a contrasting design and be a bit bolder.

  • You can get a modern style bedside table with plywood sheets and hairpin feet that can be easily found in the building markets. The hairpin feet, which have become very popular recently, will add an industrial atmosphere to the bedside table. In order for the feet to stand out, we recommend that you keep the design of the wood volume as simple as possible.
  • Using a short ladder as a bedside table bedside table can make the bedroom look stylish. You can find an example that suits the decoration style of the bedroom among many different types of stairs. Thanks to this use, you will be able to place many items on the steps of the ladder and gain space. You can adapt ready-made staircases to your bedside table, or you can create your own staircase-bed by buying simple building materials.
  • Another product idea that can be used as a bedside table will be the stool. You can catch a minimal and stylish atmosphere in your room by using a simple stool instead of a bedside table. You can choose from stools, which are usually made of wood, in a color and texture that suits your style. Or you can easily make your own stool design with simple materials. We also recommend that you try to make your own dresser by modifying an old stool at home.
  • You can also use shelves as bedside tables, where you can buy ready-made or cut plywood boards according to your own measurements. Wall-mounted shelves can let you create a stylish arrangement on the empty wall. We recommend that you create the design of these shelves, which are usually made of wood, together with bedside lighting.
  • If you do not have a headboard or you are bored with the headboard, we can suggest that you combine the bedside table with the headboard. You can develop a product that provides these two functions together by creating your own design with wooden boards that you can find in the building markets. We are confident that this highly innovative design will be the most impressive part of the room!
  • You can get stylish bedside tables with compositions that you will create by combining wooden blocks. These box-like structures, which will be formed by assembling wooden blocks, allow you to store your stuff both inside and on them. At the same time, you can create different arrangements on your empty wall by adding these structures that you have created.
  • When considering the bedside table, wood material usually comes to mind, but you can make use of different types of materials while creating the bedside table yourself. If you want to include a different material in your room, we can recommend you to meet the commode function with the baskets you will mount on your wall. For this process, you can evaluate the old baskets you have by coloring them as you wish.
  • Creating new products by modifying the products that are old, not used or bored is one of the most important points in the do-it-yourself process. One of the applications that is frequently preferred when creating a bedside table is to bring the suitcases together with other pieces. In this way, various items can be stored both on the top and inside of the luggage. We recommend this application especially for those who prefer to capture vintage touches in decoration!
  • One suggestion that can be integrated with especially rustic and natural decoration styles will be to create nightstands hanging from the ceiling. You can get an extremely impressive bedside table by hanging a simple wooden board or a tray that matches its style with sturdy ropes from the ceiling. The bedside table that you will create with this simple and stylish application, we are sure that it will form the most interesting corner of the room!
  • We have a very unusual suggestion for those who want to get out of the wooden material in the bedside table design. With concrete blocks that you can find ready or pour into molds, you can create products that serve as bedside tables. With this method, which we recommend to those who prefer to capture industrial lines in decoration style, you can save space by using the spaces of concrete blocks as storage area.
  • It will be possible to produce products that serve as bedside tables from market cases, which is a product frequently used in DIY processes. Nightstands suitable for changing decoration styles can be obtained by painting market cases in different colors and arranging them in various ways. These safes, which stand out with their robustness, will allow the storage of various items.
  • It is an application that we often encounter today in the decoration of unprocessed logs. It is also possible to use logs, which serve as coffee tables and stools, as a bedside table in living rooms and living rooms. Especially the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis bedside table that can adapt to rustic and natural decoration styles, od
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