Simplicity is the first thing that comes to our mind in black and white living room decoration. Black and white represent simplicity and clarity. You can have nice conversations with your family in the halls of your home and host your guests. If you are bored with your old living room and want to recreate your living room, you can consider black and white decoration models. You have to determine in which part of your house you will make changes and be determined when you want. Determining what kind of decor you want will also provide you with considerable convenience. You can get a beautiful, modern look with black and white colors.

Among the most risk-free color groups in living room decoration, black and white decoration models take priority. It is very easy to use and it is low to make mistakes. Black and white decorations appeal to every style. Black and white are two very strong colors, you can interpret them in modern or classic styles. The black and white duo is never out of fashion. Patterned and textured fabrics, accessories will always help to color black and white a little. You can use it in your living room in accessories such as green plants, colorful cushions and paintings. Lighting is also very important in your black and white decoration. Black and white colors are in the neutral colors group, so they match with any color.

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Its Importance in Black and White Decor

Black, the dark side of colors, represents nobility and mystery. Even though the black color creates a more moody mood, we cannot deny that it has an attractive side. That’s why we always want to take advantage of black in some way. The usage areas of black in decoration vary according to the usage density of black. If the color black is to be used individually, it can be used in a narrow space as much as possible. Although the black color will be used with another color, it does not appear to be a problem in extending the usage area. Especially if you use the black color with a color like white that suits it, you can increase the density as much as possible.

A modern look has a greater impact on decorations made using black and white harmony. Tab does not mean that other styles do not use black and white. You can use black and white in all styles. For example, you can make your home decorated in an avant-garde style with black and white harmony.

If you want to use the black and white harmony in your home, you can do this in any field. Especially with the latest trend striped wallpapers, you can give your home black and white modern touches. Or you can use the effect of black and white on your flooring. You can take advantage of zebra patterns and black and white zigzag look.

What should be considered for black and white home decoration?

Black and white home decoration is mostly for those who adopt masculine and elegant home decoration style. One of the colors that never go out of fashion in decoration is black and white. White color has started to be used more in the name of decoration, especially since the furniture which is light color has been taken into consideration recently. If we give an example to the objects that provide decoration preferred by those who like to use black and white together; white tv unit, showcase set, console, table and chair sets can be given sofa sets consisting of black and white colors.

These are among the suggestions for black and white home decoration. Black Chandeliers, White Photo Frames! Light colors are mostly used in furniture such as tables, chairs and showcases. Dark colors are preferred on the edges of the armchairs, carpets and accessories as an intermediate color, so when creating a black and white living room decoration, people mostly prefer white in furniture such as showcase sets, tables and chairs, and black colors in accessories such as sofa sets and carpets. We can use many accessories such as black photo frames, black chandeliers, black and white curtains in black and white decorations. Black and white combinations ensure that every house has a stylish decoration. For this, most of the women use their choice for black and white colors.

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Black & White decoration with choice of accessories

If you are determined to choose a black & white theme within the scope of home decoration, more than one option is waiting for you. You can apply this theme successfully even with just accessories. For example, you can paint the colored furniture of your home completely white, and then you can create two colored decorations by hanging black ornaments, accessories, mirrors, trinkets, shelves on the walls. You can create a balanced color harmony especially by making use of this theme while decorating the living room. Of course, you can balance a black-weighted decoration in the same way as white furniture, accessories. You can learn how to create this kind of decoration by using the online interior design service, you can make black and white decoration work as you dream with a very economical budget.

Black & White theme with photos in wall design

Black and white decoration can be applied in any room; It is possible to provide a mental rest when bedroom decoration, living room and living room, even study rooms are arranged with this logic. Simple, minimal interior architecture steps are welcomed, as the complexity of color is tiring many people’s minds. Getting help from photographs while creating a wall design and creating a minimal and remarkable wall decoration are considered among these pleasant interior architecture steps. Hanging photo frames with black frames on a black or white wall, of course, the photo is completely black & white, allows you to sign an amazing image. You can create a photo composition on the wall by choosing the photo frames large and small. You can apply the same wall design in any area you want.

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