A mix of patterns, globally inspired furniture and abundant accessories are a few key elements for bohemian decor. See how interior designers experiment with bohemian décor in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and more.

Creating a boho stylish living room means creating a totally different and personalized atmosphere. In fact, the best feature of this style is that you can use any artwork you want, your own artwork, and a mix of colors any way you want. The Bohemian decor style often resembles some beautiful Eastern interiors – for example, Moroccans.

If you’re looking for something more calm, make a white bohemian interior – it’s easy and looks very elegant. Wood, fur, different fabrics, leather and plants – are various materials you can use.

Boho elements are a great way to animate neutral interiors

bohem evler 2019

Bohemian Decor Models

Boho is what’s stylish in its gypsy style interiors, you can mix your vintage items. Chairs, armchairs and sofas can look pretty cool.

bohem ev dekorasyon modelleri 2018

The combination of deep brown colors, a wall-hung patterned carpet and patterned textiles creates an extremely interesting look. Playing boldly with bright colors adds a unique touch to the room.

bohem tarzı ev dekorasyonu 2018

Pastel colors, for those who want a neutral interior. But he does a great job with his boho touches.

bohem stil dekor

Also, long open shelves are perfect for displaying accessories in boho houses.

bohem dekor aksesuarları

Especially the large sofa, in which a large number of pillows are thrown with colorful patterns, is the first thing you need to do in a boho home decoration.

bohem stil ev dekoru

Patterned carpet is a bold solution for those who want to add a little character to any room.

bohem salon dekorasyonu 2018

Different shades of pink can be seen in most bohemian habitats. There may be minor details, especially the decoration of the cushions on the seats.

bohem tarz ev dekorasyonları 2019

Incompatible pillows do a good job at boho lounges, such as incompatible chairs in boho dining rooms.

Interesting paintings can always provide the unique character that boho’s interior desires.

bohem tarz ev dekorasyonları 2018
bohem ev dekorasyonu

Mixing the Scandinavians with a little boho can make a living room beautiful. The clean interior looks good with patterned and colorful textiles.

boho çatı katı dekorasyonu

Even if brick walls are more welcome in industrial living rooms, you can also choose for boho decoration. Just be sure to add a lot of feminine touches and colors. Throw pillows and pink curtains can be fine.

boho home decor 2020

boho ev dekoru 2018
bohem tarzı ev dekorasyonu 2018
bohem tarz ev dekorasyonları 2018
bohem tarz ev dekorasyonları 2019
bohem dekor aksesuarları
boho ev dekorasyonu 2018
boho çatı katı dekorasyonu
bohemian ev dekorasyonu modelleri 2018

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