It is important to follow the changes in decoration trends indoors and outdoors. Thanks to both stylish and simple decorations at home, at work or in open areas such as a garden, it is possible to make the environment more peaceful. In the decoration of a place, eye-catching details should not be much. Experts working in the field of decoration also agree that there is not a lot of objects in the spaces. In recent years, you are at the right place to get decoration suggestions with the most used wood materials and wooden furniture.

Classic Style

If you like classical style decoration in the spaces, you should prefer carved and embossed wooden furniture. The use of wooden furniture, which is not very flashy, makes the interior look more spacious. If embossed or carved furniture is used effectively in decoration, other furniture and objects should be chosen simply.

Rustic Style

It is also possible to see the rustic style in designs made with more modern lines compared to the classical style. Rustic style aging stands out. Aged wood provides a more natural look. It is suggested that furniture and objects to be used in rustic style should be plain. The type and color of the fabric to be used in wooden furniture is also important. Warm colors such as green, blue, orange, copper and mustard match with wood. Although the wood materials are processed, care is taken to keep them as natural as possible.

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Decorate with different materials

Wood materials, leather or stone complement each other. For this reason, while some of the furniture is made of wood, leather can be preferred in the seating groups. Leather seating groups, which are mostly preferred in workplaces, make the space more formal. Wooden furniture creates a stylish contrast with different materials such as marble. Wooden furniture, which is not preferred in exteriors, has become an indispensable interior space. It is much easier to re-evaluate wooden furniture in a different way than other materials. It is possible to see that when the furniture parts of wooden seating groups are painted and the fabric parts are renewed, they have undergone a considerable change. Decorative objects made using wood are both stylish and nostalgic.

Solid Wood Decoration Suggestions.

Warm and Intimate Decoration Styles with Eye-Catching Furniture – For a long time, wood has entered our home with the use of various furnishings and furniture. Especially nowadays, almost all furniture has been produced and presented to the user by the side products of wood, and in recent years it has also attracted a lot of attention in decoration and wall designs. In our lives; Wooden material, which has many uses from residential to furniture, from paper to all kinds of needs of the city, has become one of our indispensable products. Solid wood is called wood obtained by mowing it with raw logs after cutting the tree.

Briefly, it is the solid and pure form of wood without coating or filling. As it can be understood from this definition, it is completely natural. Wood, which is a good heat insulator, is useful in all seasons, as it does not give a feeling of heat when touched. It is observed that the use of wood is intensive in houses that are mostly intertwined with nature. No other product can give the beauty of natural wood. In fact, the intense use of wood is an indication of how robust and precious old products are.

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Use of Solid Wood in Interior Architecture;

Wood is used in the production of different shapes and styles. While choosing, it should be preferred in its natural and unadorned form. Generally, decorations made with less processed pieces are more successful. While it is used as a covering material in wall decoration in big houses, it is an important element to pay attention to the color tone, although it is used in small areas to prevent bleak air in small houses.

Wood, which is more prominent in Spanish-style decorations, gives quite good results when used correctly. It’s unlikely to go out of fashion, so it gives people a greater sense of life. It is also a fact that people living in such structures feel happier and healthier. If you want to feel good both physiologically and psychologically, you should prefer quality furniture using natural wood. Solid wood is also used in home decoration and shows up at dining tables.

Noble and showy tables are blended with that warm look of wood. It is certain that it will open your appetite while eating. Apart from this, work desks, consoles, chairs, armchairs, bedrooms, countertops, as well as used in kitchen equipment; We also come across many products such as wooden flowerpots, various accessories made of wood, mirrors, watches, decorative candle holders and paintings.

What is solid wood furniture

Total Time:

It is used as furniture made of natural wood. Heavy metal and glues are not used in these furniture. It is recommended as a healthy product for children as water-based paints and varnishes are preferred.

It is long-lasting, but it has difficulties in carrying as its physical weight is quite high.

You can restore solid furniture by maintaining it in cases such as wear or tear.

In addition to adding color to every corner of your home, it adds a positive atmosphere to your usage area, allowing you to have healthier and more peaceful days.

These furniture have a long life and can be recycled. Therefore, environmental damage is minimal.

retains moisture in homes.

Solid Wood Drying Methods

In simple terms, drying is the process of removing the water, which causes the decay and abrasion of the wood material. The purpose of drying; The organic tree is to destroy the existing moisture in the material and eliminate the factors such as fungal growth and insect infestation. There are two types of drying methods. These;

1-) Natural (outdoors) Drying
This drying method takes a long time and is open to external damages. And also; Since there will be heat differences between the layers of the material drying in the open air, it does not dry evenly and cracks occur on the surfaces. The moisture of the wood material cannot be brought to the desired level.
2-) Technical Drying
With the fully automatic firing system in the production stage, the moisture of the wood material is drawn to the desired level. Thus, the tree is dried in a short time and evenly. Wood materials that are dried by technical method and drawn to the specified humidity level become much more durable.

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