French  Bedroom

French bedroom is among the popular trains of the last period.Firstly, the French style is a classic style, it is worth saying that because some people do not like classical furniture very much.If you prefer the French Country bedroom style while decorating your bedroom, we have prepared what it should be.

References : Андрей Постовой
  • Be careful to use wooden furniture is one of the indispensable French bedroom.
  • Focus on home textiles in rustic and vivid colors.
  • * You can choose rustic furniture in which the carvings that emphasize hand workmanship are dominant in bedsteads and wardrobes.
  • Antiques, nostalgic classic-looking furniture and accessories will make my french bedroom even more dominant.
  • Feel free to choose aesthetic and useful accessories.
  • Choose large size french bed.
  • Choose large size french bed.
  • Your headboard should be luxurious and flashy with carved motifs.
  • Vintage cabinets or dressers are indispensable parts of French decoration.

Do not forget about other wonderful decorative pieces to add to your bedrooms that will be decorated with French inspirations. It can be a dressing screen, antique mirrors, worn wooden doors, old fireplace screens and cracked window frames.

References : DonnaSenzaFiato 

Finally, the most fun part of a traditional or contemporary French bedrooms decoration includes trinkets, accessories and other pieces. These items can be antique plates, trinkets, jugs, fine art pieces, antique picture frames, perfume bottles or family heirloom items. Since this is a space of your own, be free when adding these pieces. But still be selective and know what you want. Because sometimes adding too many items gives a very tiring and bad atmosphere.

References : Beyza Nur Kocaosmanoğlu 
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