Our house is one of the time areas where we spend most of our time. It is the place where we spend time with our friends, families, and loved ones, where we have the best time. Especially when making home decor ideas, everyone has their own characteristics and designs. We offer multiple design forms for you.

The size of our house is very important before designing home decor ideas. We have dealt with the questions of house designs and designs in small and large houses for you. The topic of home decor ideas covers a wide range of topics. We have compiled all parts of the house for you one by one. We examine all parts of my home such as bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

What To Consider While Making Home Decoration Ideas?

  • Do not neglect the beautiful and stylish lighting elements
  • You should use compatible preferences
  • Bring variety to wall decorations
  • You should make small touches to your rooms.
  • Table and Accessory compatibility on your walls
  • Aesthetic, Spacious and Natural

While making home decoration ideas, you will surely achieve the perfect harmony in our house by following these rules. When we are decorating the house, we must start with colors. Colors are one of the main elements that bring peace and love in people. You should especially find your color preferences. Before we design home decor ideas, we need to find the right color. The main element of many houses is of course white color.

The choice of white color will ensure a perfect harmony in every room in your home. You will have a perfect harmony in furniture, floors and accessories. A natural and simple color tone will increase the peace and energy of your home. The size of the house is very important when choosing vibrant color tones. Vivid color tones can be dominant in small houses and they are not among our preferences.

The first thing we need to do before making beautiful home decoration is to examine all the corners of the house beautifully. We must act according to the dimensions of our house. We should be careful not to buy large furniture especially for houses with narrow space. Of course, the choice of furniture is very important in big houses. Especially the shape, size and lighting of our house is one of the biggest elements.

How should the decoration be?

In our home decor ideas, of course, we start with the living room decorations that are the heart of our homes. What should we pay attention to when decorating the living room. Hall decoration is one of the areas where our homes spend the most time. For this reason, hall decoration is one of the most important parts.

Furniture and accessories open to houses that do not get much light can change the air of your other rooms. Therefore, you should find the right choices by examining each room individually. We must make the right choices for our home. We have dealt with many issues about our halls for you.
Living Room Ideas by Size
You don’t have to worry if you have a small hall. When decorating a small living room, you should avoid large furniture choices. Flashy big furniture will not make your living room big, and vice versa will make your home more suffocating and dominant. Our main preferences in small houses are we prefer built-in wardrobes. You can use the built-in wardrobes in your home to make it more comfortable and beautiful in small halls.

You should not use too much lighting in small halls. Too much light will be able to decrease your energy in your hall. You should use your lighting preferences simpler and less light. You will be able to move more comfortably in your halls by choosing useful furniture.
It will make your small hall perfect by using wooden furniture. You can have a stylish and luxurious look in your living room with its natural look and authentic atmosphere. By placing beautiful accessories and objects, you may have changed your desired ambiance and perspective.

The dominance of the red color in large halls will decrease energy and cause stress formation especially in the halls used in long term seating. The less you use the red color, the more beautiful and beautiful you can make it look. By keeping more natural and natural colors in preference in large halls, you will have a magnificent atmosphere in your home.

How Should Hall Lighting Ideas Be?

We have lighting options especially in home decor ideas. With the development of today’s technology, it has offered almost numerous lighting preferences. The most important factor in lighting is the location of the light in your home, depending on the situation, sometimes even 2-3 units may not be enough.

For separate rooms decorated in the house, you should not prefer to work in the same colors. When choosing lighting for home decoration, the first step is to try to make use of the daylight as much as possible. However, this problem can be eliminated. First of all, you need the room’s need for light and use for proper lighting. You should also remember that light positioning plays an important role in minimizing ineffective operation. The light should be positioned from top to bottom. At the same time, care should be taken not to catch the light directly. Mirrored lighting or accessories can cause eye strain. It is especially preferred to use some distraction and fatigue, such as the study room.

It makes lighting preferences according to the usage areas and you can stay in your rooms better. For example, you can provide a more peaceful and romantic environment by choosing yellow or red bulbs such as bedroom or doorway. However, it is more preferable to use yellow or white bulbs or led lights that are required for a good illumination of areas such as study room, kitchen or living room.

As general lighting in the rooms; You offer chandeliers, large lamps, luminaires or recessed ceiling lights. It is important that these lightings emit stronger light than other types of lighting, and they have an equal illumination feature throughout the room. You can get a stylish and useful look by including the recessed lighting types in the points you need in your decoration.

How Should Be Kitchen Decoration Ideas?

Another important point in decorating our house is the kitchen of our house. Recently, by spending more time in our kitchens, it has become as important as the living room. We need to get rid of unnecessary items while making kitchen decorations. Since our kitchens are narrower spaces, we have to create them with comfortable space.

We should take advantage of the more modern elegant options by getting rid of our bulky cabinets that look bad now. We should use open shelves that look more modern and stylish. By making the system of open shelves that run along the kitchen counter, you will have changed the atmosphere of your kitchen. Kitchen countertops should be among the granite or tile preferences. You can make it easy to clean and look stylish by looking stylish. Kitchen countertops and open shelves should ensure a perfect harmony.

You can provide luxury and modern in your kitchen by using natural and natural color tones. Remember, the right color choices are among the most important points. Small accessories and flower pot will affect the flower pot and make it look nice. While making home decor ideas, small touches will provide happiness and peace to both your family and you.

How Should The Room Ideas Be?

If you intend to renovate a room you want, we have prepared an article for you. We combine easy decorating ideas with a few simple, beautiful and fun ideas that you can apply in your bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, that is, throughout your home. These ideas we gather will inspire and inspire you to renovate your existing decoration. In a small room in the color of a paint on your wall, bile allows a great change in your home, with the ideas in visualization, your homes and rooms will take on a completely different atmosphere.

Another idea of ‚Äč‚Äčrenovation is coating with wallpaper. Recently, wallpapers have kept up with a lot of technology. As a result, we are sure that a perfect room will emerge. Especially with a preference you make in the colors suitable for your furniture as below, it will create a great harmony with your decoration.

It is not necessary to say curtains. It is one of the most important parts of our house. We cannot finish by counting the pros and cons of a very carefully and carefully selected curtain, but since our aim is to renovate the decoration, you may want to consider changing your curtains.

For example, if you have a place in your bathroom, of course, an old bench and an extra bench can be more. Generally, it is not considered much and it is not seen almost everywhere, but if you have a comprehensive bathroom, we recommend you to envision it most.

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