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Home decoration has an important place in adding a different atmosphere to your home. Beautifying your home makes it different with your preferences. Each house will allow you to have a beautiful living space with different decoration models. Of course, home decorations continue to lead a happy and stylish life according to the person’s taste. With home decoration ideas, you can design your home in different styles and get nice and stylish images. People have started to shape their living spaces according to their personal taste, cultural structure and perspective. The importance of home decoration continues to grow rapidly day by day. Decoration is the idea of ​​decoration, decoration and similar products taken directly from furniture stores, but this is a wrong approach alone. Decoration means to create a beautiful living space suitable for yourself by using colors that are suitable for a comfortable and peaceful personal taste and accessories.

We can mention the important features that are effective in choosing home decoration models as follows.

  • Personal tastes of the person
  • Cultural structure
  • Perspective
  • Architectural structure of the house
  • Depending on these factors, it enables the appearance of stylish different styles that are pleasing to the eye.

Minimalist Home Decoration

Minimalism is a trend that emphasizes simplicity in many areas of life in architecture, music, art and home decoration. Although minimalism basically emphasizes simplicity, it would be wrong to define it only with this. Of course, we can achieve a simple, unpretentious, luxurious, modern or more elegant look with minimalist home decoration. The styles to be applied in decoration can change according to your taste, style and perspective. With a minimalist perspective, you can catch a decorative line that prioritizes simplicity. While creating a minimalist environment, color selection is also very important.

You can use gray color, warm tones, complementary colors together. If you want a classic minimalist home decoration, more white, gray and black tones should be preferred. If you want to add some color and get an area where the eye will get used to more easily, you can add anthracite and golden tones next to the warm grays with yellow tones. Thus, you can add a minimalist atmosphere to your home with the colors and accessories you want.

Industrial Home Decoration

Industrial house design first began to appear in New York at the end of the sixties. This home design was a new idea for people who want to decorate different style home. High ceilings, metal pipes, unpainted walls, bricks stand out as indispensable elements of industrial design. Since then, the abandoned places, which have not used warehouses and old factories, have begun to be transformed into houses with decorations. The most important point in industrial design is to create decorations in a way that suits the spirit and taste of the space to be designed.

Nothing should be hidden in industrial house decoration, but it should be clearly displayed. Beams, pipes, bricks, everything should be considered. If you decide to apply this style in our house, you have to make an effort not to hide such style features. In industrial decoration, metal, wood, wood and concrete are concentrated. Accessories consisting of these materials are the determining factors of decoration. The dominant colors in industrial design are shades of gray, black and brown.

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Modern Home Decoration

With the spirit of time changing from the past to the present, home decorations have become an important factor that almost everyone cares. Modern home decoration is one of the most preferred home decoration styles of today. These have a simplicity theme. Use straight lines as much as possible to apply modern home decoration that adopts comfort and simplicity at home. Choose furniture, accessories and furniture that don’t have much detail. All the details are positioned in the focus of simplicity and shaped accordingly.

Accordingly, exaggerated, ambitious details and excesses are not observed, but much simplicity is tried to be prioritized. Of course, it does not mean that modern decorations will not include accessories. A successful arrangement will bring elegance out of simplicity. Simple and comfortable furniture, accessories, lighting, color selection are cut out for modern decorations. The style of the decoration is largely determined by the choice of colors. In modern decoration, generally white, chrome, gray and black will be the ideal color choices for your home.

Scandinavian Home Decoration

When it comes to Scandinavian-style decoration, most people think of white walls, large-leaved plants, wooden floors and furniture, but of course there is much more than that. Making the Scandinavian design one of the world’s leading decoration styles in the early 21st century, the trend actually began in the late 19th century. Scandinavian peoples who stand out with their differences in their design understanding;

Home decoration style is the most interested in simplicity lovers with its simple, neutral, unpretentious and striking minimal home decorations. In Scandinavian home decoration, furniture made of wood is generally used. Furniture other than wood is mostly white. When these furniture are considered, they are plain yet easily noticeable, with straight lines and elegant transitions. We are talking about a very plain look as it is a northern style. The prints that do not tire the eyes are preferred for this reason. Besides the simplicity of Scandinavian home decoration design, high ceiling applications should be in the foreground. Generally, gray, powder, white and red tones are some of the colors you can choose when making Scandinavian home decorations.

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Vintage Home Decoration

Vintage home decoration is the result of using furniture or accessories that were used between 1920-1950 and reflecting the fashion of that period, by blending them with your home concept. It reflects the style of those who love the old and want to keep it alive. The vintage design, which has started to appear in recent years, is a home decoration style that comes together by blending old items together with today’s ideas.

Generally, old items are used in this decoration and heavier pale colors are preferred. It is the most preferred home decoration design for people who are longing for the past and people who want to create a retro atmosphere in their home. Today, different beauties have started to emerge as they are preferred. The examples of vintage decoration, which have attracted the attention of those who are interested in decoration with their different lines in recent years, are composed of pieces where comfort and simplicity stand out. A colorful and intimate home decoration is inevitable with the show replaced by the colors that give people peace of mind.

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