Furniture layout is the most important subject of decoration. It is extra important for those who have a small hall. Ideal living room layout and furniture dimensions in our article; You will find the answers to the questions such as “how to make a living room furniture placement”, “What are the ideal living room and living room sizes”, “How should the living room furniture sizes be?”

The biggest mistake in home decoration is to choose the furniture first and then try to install it. And as a result, a lot of unrelated furniture seems to be stacked on top of each other in the living room.

Thanks to the ideal living room layout and furniture dimensions that you should keep in mind during decoration; You can organize a useful living space in which you can move freely. But remember that; You can not have a unique and interesting place without risk. As the famous painter Pablo Picasso said:

Living Room Coffee Table Sizes

Ideal living room

How High Should the Middle Table Be?
Coffee table heights are very variable. However, for easy access, the height of the coffee table should be close to the seat height of the sofa (10 cm below and above the seat cushion level).

How Much Should the Distance Between the Coffee Table and the Seat Be?
The general rule is to place the coffee table approximately 35 to 45 cm from the sofa. This measure is close enough to reach a magazine, but also a sufficient distance for the leg cavity.

How Should the Ratio of the Coffee Table and Seat Sizes be to Each Other?
Center table dimensions should be visually between half and 2/3 of the seat size. You don’t have to measure it, but when buying a coffee table, it would be good if your eye decision is a little more than half the width of your seat.

Side Table Dimensions

Ideal living room

How far should the side tables be from the seat?
Side tables can be closer to the sofa or to the berjord than the middle table. The ideal measure here is that the side table is close enough to put in a drink. Sit in the chair and imagine trying to get your coffee or magazine. Then place your coffee table.

How High Should the Side Table Be?
Side tables should not be higher than the armrest height of the seat they serve and lower than the height of the seat cushion. The maximum height is 8 cm shorter than the armrest height. For armchairs and chairs without armrests, the side table height should be at most 20 cm above the height of the cushion.

Console and Dresuar Dimensions

Ideal living room

How Much Should the Back Seat Console Height and Width be?
The height of the backstands, that is, the dresuarts behind the seat, should not be higher than the back of the seat. Their width can range from half to almost the entire seat length. But you should be careful that the width of the console is at least 15 cm further from both ends of the seat width.

Living Room Seating

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How Much Distance Should Be Between Seats?
The distance between the seating areas should be maximum 300 cm and minimum 90 cm in order to create an intimate communication space between the people sitting in the hall and to protect everyone’s own personal space. Of course, this rule does not apply to people who share the same seat.

How Much Should the Transition Distance Between Furniture Be?
In order not to feel like trying to progress in a movie theater, you should pay attention to the transition distances. For this, it will be enough to leave approximately 75 cm-150 cm wide passageway between the furniture.

İdeal Living Room Carpet Sizes

Ideal living room

How to Calculate Living Room Carpet Dimensions?
First of all, carpets should never be closer than 15 cm to the wall. The best distance to leave; it is 35 cm from the wall for the carpet in a large room and 30 cm to 45 cm from the wall for the carpet in a small room. Also, the carpets in the living room should be large enough to fit under your feet while sitting on a sofa or couch. For more detailed information:

TV Dimensions in the Ideal Living Room

How High Should The TV Be?
In order to minimize reflections and provide a comfortable viewing angle, people sitting on the sofa should look down at the TV a little bit. The optimal height for the center of the screen should be 75 cm above the cushion height of the lowest seat in the room. If your TV cannot be mounted on the wall, be sure to choose a TV console of suitable height. Note that you can also make adjustments in the height of the TV stand.

How Much Distance Should Be Between TV and Seat?
This distance will vary greatly depending on the size and quality of your TV, and of course your personal taste of how close you sit on the screen. Ideally, however, the approximate distance between the TV and the viewer’s average position is 1.5 times the diagonal size of the screen. The ‘average position of the viewer’ here can be the average distance of all the seats in the room measured based on the TV wall. However, for watching TV, you can also measure from your preferred seat.

Ideal living room

Living Room Table Layout

Ideal living room

How High Should The Height Of The Paintings On The Wall Be?
Paintings or accessories to be hung on the wall should be placed so that their midpoints are usually 145 cm above the floor, that is, at the eye level of a person standing. Alternatively, you can choose to hang your table in a room where you can spend time sitting, usually at the eye level of a seated person, 30 cm above the seat height. In both cases, you should be careful to leave a minimum of 15 cm to 30 cm between the edges of the pieces you will hang and the edges of the ceiling, floor and wall.

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