The greenery in the room will make small apartments and large houses look more beautiful and stylish. For those who don’t have a green area, you don’t have to worry. It does not take up much space in your home and does not take much time. You can change the air of your home by decorating indoor plants in your home.

Whether you have just moved or just redecorated, these ideas will definitely inspire you. Ornamental plants are fun because they often contain easy crafts and creative expressions.

Urban life drives people away from nature, often forcing them to live in apartments, and thus becomes more unhappy. People always show their needs for nature and green. Urban life, which takes life, pushes people away from nature and forces them to live in apartments, and they become more unhappy in this way. People always show their need for nature and green. In addition to the visually relaxing aspect of green in our living spaces, the routine efforts that it brings along are also an indisputable therapy. In recent years, this situation has been accepted by everyone and house plants have become prominent in decoration as a rising trend.
 He starts designing the nature at home by making indoor plants designs. In addition to the visually relaxing aspect of green, our routine efforts are indisputable therapy. He begins to design nature at home by making indoor plants designs.

Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas

Of course, it is very important in terms of decoration, shape and type of home indoor plants. Although various house plants, which we love to look at, have a valuable place in terms of decoration, if we do not know what plant wants from us, it will bring a futile effort and will not satisfy us sufficiently. We must know our plants very well and know how to decorate them very well.

If you are looking for living room flowers or if you want to color your rooms with flowers, we explain the 10 most popular living room plants! Do not forget to green the interiors while adding new plants to your garden.


Orchid likes sun bright. Let’s try not to put it in areas with no sun in closed areas. He lives happily in front of a window that sees the morning and evening sun. The happiness of plants will reflect on your homes. You will be able to see how beautiful they have developed by looking at their leaves. If the leaves are dark green and soft, the plant is getting little light. For this, you should change its place and put it in better places. Yellowish or fried leaves indicate that the light is too much. You can host your home with different colors such as white, pink, yellow, purple and bamboo orchid, miniature. You can follow and care the leaves very well.

Arocarian Flower

Arokarya / Araucaria Heterophylla: If you have a large area, this plant will be an ideal choice for you. It attracts attention with its decorative appearance. It cannot develop healthy when it is overheated. You should make sure that the environment it is in is bright and slightly moist. It is a healthier wizard both in large areas as an image. We have to be careful about this.

Love Ladder Plant

The love ladder / Nephrolepis Exaltata drooping form is another indoor plant that attracts attention with the appearance of its leaves. Likes humid environment. During the development period, you should water abundantly. In winter, it is enough to give less water. Do not neglect to fertilize every 15 days in April-August. This application makes your plant look happy. We must meet the irrigation needs, paying particular attention to the winter and summer months. As an indoor plant, your home will gain its atmosphere and a spacious look.


Difenbahya / Dieffenbacchia Seguine is a very beautiful and showy indoor plant with variegated and broad leaves. They are indoor plants that develop healthily with less care. These plants do not have flowers. The leaf looks beautiful and stylish in the foreground. Likes humid environments. In particular, we need to pay attention to the temperature should be 15 degrees. You can get worse results at higher temperatures. Your flower will cause it to fade.

Benjamin Flower

Ficus / Benjamina loves bright, direct sunlight. It also shows healthy development in humid environments. In the summer, you should water it abundantly, and simply spray water on its leaves. He would not be happy with his relocation. It adapts to their environment. They like a lot of displacement and can give bad results.

Begonia Flower

Begonia / Begonia Elatior shows healthy development in high humidity environments. We do not recommend especially in areas with low humidity. In the summer, you should water your plant abundantly and also spray the leaves with water. If it is winter, it is sufficient to water the soil so that it does not dry out. You can get better results in indoor plants by considering our recommendation.


Kalango / Kalanchoe is a decorative, beautiful plant with flowers that bloom in February-May. We recommend it as indoor plants in our homes. It shows healthy development in shrub soil mixed with sand. He loves light and is also happy in hot environments. It is an easy-care plant. It does not require much water, make sure the soil is moist. You can grow flowers in different colors such as orange, yellow, pink, and red in flower pots in front of the window.

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