Kitchen decoration is one of the sections that require both care and detail. Although there are many options in this area, it is available in decorations that appeal to every budget. There are different alternatives for people like Vintage style, American kitchen model, Country kitchen model. However, the kitchen style that is often preferred by those who want a modern and rich image is shown as Italian cuisine. It is possible to say that the foundation of the Italian design dates back to the 15th century. Of course, there are some examples of stone columns and aesthetic styles in an architecture dating back to the past. Besides all these, it would not be wrong to say that modern style is dominant in today’s architecture.

Those who want to decorate their home may have a thought of trying new models without moving away from the modern style. The Italian kitchen model is a suitable style for this. Italian cuisine, which carries both rich details and trend lines, is a style for those who think of catching a different atmosphere.

It is also possible that those who favor certain shades can only use black, white and gray. Cream tones will also provide a stylish look for kitchen cabinets. A bright chandelier will help complete the decoration.

After a wall paint selected in bright or matte colors, contrasting colors can be achieved by choosing kitchen cabinets, and a functional area can be obtained with rotary counter models. It is one of the prominent items in Italian cuisine on high stools. Those who want to reach a sharper image can choose small appliances or white appliances that they will use in the kitchen in black color.

It is also very important to place the tools and equipment in the kitchen regularly. The advantages of cabinets in this sense will create a clean and smooth profile.

What makes Italian cuisine unique?

  • It has countless color variations, from the most vivid and elegant shades to the most beautiful shades of wood.
  • In its colorful models, its bright outer surface has an easy-to-clean and durable coating.
  • It has an aesthetic appearance with its easily scratched and stain resistant outer surfaces.
  • It has mezzanine shelves, plenty of drawers and technological mechanisms with rail system that can be opened and closed.
  • The doors and drawers with brake mechanism against crashes are among the most impressive features of the Italian kitchen cabinets.
  • Italian kitchen designs, besides their modernity, elegance and elegance, have an extremely impressive appearance that warms the person.
  • Italian kitchen patterns have a variety to appeal to all tastes with their designs that remind us that our eating and drinking habits occupy an important place.

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Why is Italian cuisine so popular?

Italian cuisine has a long history. The roots of the kitchen date back to the 4th century BC. In the Italian cuisine, which changes and develops with social, economic and political changes, regional Greek, Ancient Roman, Eastern Roman, Jewish, German, Hungarian, French and Arab cuisines are seen regionally.

The first Italian cook is Sicilian Arkestratus, who lived in the fourth century BC. De Honesta Voluptate, published in 1475, is considered the first cookbook.

The fact that food and ingredients change in different parts of the country is an element that provides the richness of Italian cuisine.

Although it varies by region, fish and other seafood, meat dishes, pasta, pizza, vegetable dishes, pastries, cheese varieties, rice dishes and sauces occupy a large place in Italian cuisine.

Ready and frozen foods are not used in Italian cuisine. People grow their basil themselves, make and cut their pasta themselves. It is important to use fresh products in the meals.

The Slow Food Movement, initiated by the Italians due to McDonald’s, which opened next to the famous Spanish stairs of Rome in 1986, is a slow and calm diet. Because Italians think that eating and drinking habits reflect the identity of the society and affect the hospitality and habits.

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Great Ideas for Italian Kitchen Ideas

If you like to spend time in the kitchen, we can say that Italian kitchen models are for you. Italian kitchen models feature large wooden cabinets and shelves, plenty of floors to allow you to cook comfortably, and a spacious kitchen design.

How to make Italian Kitchen

Light Wood Color Kitchen

We said that the Italians like wood. Of course, these woods are mostly painted, but you can use wood color for a natural kitchen design. This color will create an understated image in your kitchen.

Brown Italian Kitchen

If you like brown, you can use brown in your kitchen. This color is a modern and different color. It is useful but if your kitchen is small and does not get much light, dark brown can make your kitchen look darker. In the design of this kitchen, you can include shelves, as in this image.

White Italian Kitchen

White color is a suitable color for small kitchens. If you want to create a bright image in your kitchen, you can use white color in your kitchen. You can make your kitchen different by choosing a different color in your oven and hood.

Classic Kitchen Design

You can use dark wood for a classic and old-looking kitchen design. You do not need to use this color in your entire kitchen. If you want to create a modern kitchen but still use this color, you can use gray marbles and gray cabinets as in this image.

Two Different Colors Together ..

You do not have to use single color cabinets in your kitchen. You can use two or more colors together at the same time. These colors do not need to be compatible with each other. By using incompatible colors, you can design a more modern and interesting kitchen.

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