Do you want to organize an area where you can eat in your kitchen? If you think it will be enough to buy a kitchen table chair set or a ready-made kitchen corner set, you are wrong. In this article, we share inspiring ‘kitchen table decoration ideas bileceğiniz where you can find answers to questions such as how to arrange a breakfast , what to look for when buying a kitchen table or kitchen seating group.

Approach Natural Light:

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Who wants to have breakfast in an environment that does not see the daylight! Some of us may not have such a possibility, but when you have the opportunity, do not hold and put a kitchen table in a dark corner. In addition to natural light, do not forget to place a stylish pendant or extra kitchen lamp just above the kitchen table. After all, you may want to use your kitchen table not only for breakfast, but also for quick and practical dinners.

Identify by Kitchen Rug:

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Complete your kitchen corner set with a carpet that suits your decorating style. You can highlight your kitchen corner by using any solid, patterned, fluffy, round or rectangular, any carpet or rug suitable for your space to match your table. In addition, you will separate your dining area from the rest of the kitchen.

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You can customize your breakfast corner by decorating it. For example, make the kitchen chairs or armchair comfortable with soft cushions. Decorate the kitchen wall with a black chalkboard, family photos or artistic paintings. Complete the style of your kitchen table with a stylish runner or a chirping tablecloth. Finally, place a vase of fresh flowers, a fruit basket, candles or a theme-appropriate object on your table.

Make Breakfast Booth:

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Get Closer to the View

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In other words, we should not cover the most beautiful points of our house with piles of furniture. If available, find the right angle to enjoy the view and place your breakfast corner there.

Evaluate Residual Areas:

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Turn limited, undefined and disturbing areas into an efficient part of your kitchen. Place a suitable size kitchen table, chairs or a functional seating group.

Choose Upholstery Fabric Wisely:

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You may be buying ready-made furniture or custom furniture for your breakfast corner. Quality products are the first thing you need to pay attention to use your furniture for many years. The second is that you prefer a stain-resistant upholstery fabric.

Add Style with Kitchen Curtain:

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For a bright and inviting breakfast corner, you should prefer light curtains in your window that suit your style. Whether it’s plain stripes or floral print, choose colorful and patterned fabrics for your kitchen curtains. If you have a romantic or vintage style, using lace curtains will add elegance to your kitchen. If your kitchen window receives a lot of sunshine or you have privacy problems, you can also use white blinds for light and privacy control.

Add Personal Touches:

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First, choose a style that suits you. Minimalist, coastal, country, scandinavian vg. Enrich your breakfast corner with pieces that suit your style and make you feel good. The breakfast corner does not have to match the entire house. You can set a separate decoration concept for your kitchen. However, you should pay attention to the consistency of furniture and accessories with the kitchen decoration you choose.

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