The most important places in the houses are undoubtedly the halls. Because the halls; They are the most favorite areas of the house where family members 

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Naturally, the decoration of the living room should be done in such a way that people will be comfortable and look good.Living room decorations are a type of decoration that we all think about. Because halls are the places where we spend most of our time in homes. Therefore, hall decoration is perhaps the most important decoration area of ​​our house.

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Nowadays, houses are generally made small. As such, it is made as small areas in the halls compared to the house. However, there are some houses that still have large halls in these houses. Here, big halls in big houses confuse people about decoration. However, decoration of large halls is much easier than small halls. Because the desired decoration can be made in large halls. While using the desired furniture, the placement of decorative products can be made as desired.

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9 Tips on how to Decorate the large living room

  • Prefer Furniture Suitable for Hall Shape.
  • Pay attention to the color harmony in your room, use contrasting colors.
  • You can use thin curtains for the room to get light. You can animate the decoration using the same shade
  • Choose Your Wall Colors Carefully Before Placing Items.
  • Use your curtain selection in light colors.
  • Try Different Designs or create your own.
  • Hall Lighting is very important especially in large living rooms. Every part of your room should get equal light.
  • Uses Wall Accessories, make your room more beautiful.
  • You can use a single model in different objects and get a different image with candlesticks and chandeliers.
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Living rooms are the areas where family members relieve the tiredness and stress of the day. Family members want to choose the seats they will be comfortable while spending time in their living room. Considering the changing time, considering that the halls are in daily use, the most important point in seat selection is that it is comfortable.

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One of the most important points in the living room is the choice of table. In the large living room, the desired size table can be placed easily. Unlike the small living room, a table can be use in the desired size and shape in large living room decoration.

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In the large living room, it is easier to choose the color used compared to narrow living rooms. Because there is no need to show a very bright, wide effort. However, regardless of spending a lot of time in the halls, it is important to use eye-free, relaxing colors. In order to add color to the living room, a wall can be covered with a desired wallpaper or painted with a different color paint. Thus, the living room becomes more energetic.

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How should the choice of accessories be

It is very important in accessories use in large living rooms. Accessories that do not spoil the spaciousness of the environment should be selected. In large living rooms, the lighting products to be use in the living area and dining area should be different. Thanks to a table to be use in the dining area, decorative plates that can be hung, a mirror or a picture of the landscape, the trinkets to be use on the console and the photos of family members will add a sense of belonging to the living room. 

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Since the use of live plants will also create vitality in living room decoration.Large potted plants to be used in any corner of the living room will increase the energy in the living room and will give a nice view to the living room.

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In order for your living room to have an atmosphere that evokes positive emotions, you should get maximum efficiency from daylight and place most items in line with this principle. For example; Putting high furniture such as bookcases, showcases and consoles in front of the windows will seriously overwhelm the room. Placing the TV unit and therefore the television directly opposite the glass; It will cause the TV surface to shine and deteriorate your viewing pleasure.

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When choosing curtains for living room windows, you can prefer sports tulle curtain models rather than thick and dark colored curtains. Thanks to the light colored wallpapers, you can achieve harmony between walls and curtains. If you chose the wallpaper from plain colors and the curtains from the immobile models; You can add movement to the living room with paintings and frames that reflect your aesthetic understanding.

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You can enjoy the elegance of simplicity and the peaceful effect of light colors in living room decoration, just like in bedroom decoration. By placing a bookcase in the living room, you can display the accessories in this area and make your books a part of the living room decoration.

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