More room. More light. Finally a sensible shower: there are many reasons why we are modernizing our bathrooms. Often it is just a wish to finally let the old, spoiled bathroom arrive in 2020.

But what exactly is it about the modern bathrooms? How does it differ from bathrooms from the 80s, 90s or 2000s? What technical options do you have as a renovator and what equipment and details should you know? Our great guide reveals it – with many examples and the best tips for bathroom design.

1 : Modern Room Layout With Pre-wall Systems

Wall systems are prefabricated components for connecting toilets, bidets or vanities and one of the most important technical developments for modern bathrooms.

Because they allow technology and cables to be flexibly placed in the bathroom where we want them. Instead of leaning the washbasin, shower and toilet on the walls, as before, the pre-wall installation creates modern bathrooms with new perspectives.

1.1. Wall elements as room dividers

A good example of pre-wall systems in the modern bathroom is the Grohe model bathroom shown above. What looks like a small wall in the right half of the picture is actually a half-high drywall with supply pipes and pipes running inside.

It divides the area of ​​the bathtub from the rest of the bathroom like a room divider, giving it structure. Outside, the elements can be tiled, plastered or wallpapered as required.

1.2. Use cavities for storage space

Another plus of modern pre-wall systems: storage space. Also visible in our Grohe model bathroom, this time on the left. The cavities that appear next to and above the pre-wall systems are used as practical niches for towels or decoration. These niches are also popular as a small storage space for toilet brushes or toilet paper supplies.

What can you take with you for your bathroom renovation?

Total Time:

Modern room layout is based on the user – not on the cables

“Along the wall” often looks sober and stale – thanks to pre-wall elements, sanitary elements can also be positioned across or freely

Pre-wall structures divide large bathrooms into smaller, cozy units

Use half-height constructions as shelves and niches as storage space

2 : Perfect Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern bathrooms are comfortable bathrooms – no matter in which phase of life. Everything that makes our everyday bathroom life safer and more convenient is welcomed as modern bathroom furnishings: the floor-level shower, for example, the floating washbasin or the additional hand shower are not only a good purchase for old or frail people. How the barrier-free bathroom works:

2.1. Floor level showers for every bathroom

A floor-level shower is feasible in new buildings, depending on the floor structure, a small edge sometimes remains in old buildings. It is best to plan your shower as large as possible (footprint: 1.20 x 1.20 m) and choose foldable glass walls as a splash guard.

The tiled floor or the ultra-flat shower base are available as standing areas. Both should be as non-slip as possible, manufacturers offer special anti-slip coatings for shower trays.

2.2. Handles and other comfort elements

In addition to the flush-to-floor shower, there are many other details that can make everyday bathroom work so much easier: handles for bathtubs and showers, seating and stools, taps with shower heads for sinks, taps with sensors or bathtubs with doors. All of these things bring safety to the bathroom.

Our tips for your bathroom renovation:

  • Don’t skimp on comfort – no matter how it looks to you
  • Don’t skimp on comfort – no matter how it looks to you
  • Think ahead and plan your bathroom for the next 10 or 20 years

3 : Individual Instead of Standard

The times of the standard bathroom are over. The modern bathroom is geared towards its bathroom users with their wishes and habits. And how they plan to use their bathroom in everyday life: as a family bathroom, relaxation area, feel-good room …

Admittedly, for bathroom renovators, the abundance of bathroom furnishings, colors and materials does not make the decisions easier. But it pays to think carefully so that everything fits for you later. And you set up a bathroom that is as individual as you are:

  • Think carefully about how your bathroom will look, what you really want to use the bathroom for
  • Take your time to see which facility you like
  • Think outside the box of standard sizes and colors
  • Find out about options and materials – how about, for example, a bathroom without tiles or a bathroom with wood or concrete look

4: Bathroom lighting as a design element

Yes, the bathroom lighting. It used to be called simply a ceiling lamp and illuminated the bathroom from above, rather monotonously. This was often accompanied by cold white, unflattering mirror lighting for detailed work. Fortunately, bathroom lighting is different today.

4.1. Modern bathroom lighting is versatile

Modern bathrooms rely on a combination of different lights that can be switched separately. So you have the right wake-up and make-up light in the morning and cozy light to relax and read in the evening.

Also pretty cool: radio or app-controlled lighting systems, such as “Hue” from Philips. With just one lamp, Hue creates a wide variety of lighting moods with up to 16 million colors – without having to install new dimmers, cables or switches.

4.2. Good light structures the bathroom

Light can also be used to create a spatial effect: the right lights make the bathroom appear larger. And in windowless bathrooms, LED panels even simulate a view of nature.

Our lighting tips for your renovation:

  • Always think of several lights when it comes to bathroom lighting
  • Do not save on power connections – and if it is only an option for retrofitting
  • Adapt your lighting to your everyday bathroom routine
  • Forget halogen and opt for LED for new lamps
  • Pay attention to the correct distances to splash water areas and the protection classes of the lights
  • Design the perfect mirror lighting with our guide
  • Find out more in our guide “Light planning in the bathroom”

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5: Dirt-repellent bathroom furnishings

Another important development in modern bathrooms: washstands and toilets, to which dirt and limescale no longer adhere. Thanks to modern glazes that harden and protect the ceramic.

The pioneer in glazed bathroom ceramics was the Keramag brand (today Geberit) in 2001 with the development of “KeraTect”. The first glaze that refined the surfaces of sanitary ceramics so that dirt, lime and microorganisms simply beaded off. For faster cleaning and longer shine.

Today, around a quarter of all buyers of modern bathroom ceramics choose the refined version. And refined bathtubs, shower cubicles and fittings are increasingly conquering the market.

When using small tiles in a small bathroom, it can make the area look very complex. However, if you want small tiles, light colored textures with less lines and patterns can be used in bathroom tiles that are not complicated. If you want to persistently prefer one of the small size tiles or bathroom ceramic models, placing the rectangular ones in the longitudinal length may make a little more space look bigger. However, it should be said that the tiles or bathroom ceramic models selected in large sizes make the small area look much more spacious and spacious.

6 : Imless toilets & shower toilets

2020 : Welcome to the world of modern toilets. The current two trends are defining: The rimless toilet and the shower toilet – by the way, can also be combined as a rimless shower toilet. But one by one.

6.1. Rimless toilets conquer the bathroom

“What is not there will not get dirty” – this is the brief summary of the principle of the rimless toilet. The inside of the toilet bowl lacks the edge that used to cause dirt deposits and a lot of bathroom cleaning frustration.

Admittedly, the rimless design is not brand new, but in the private bathroom the curve has only shown a steep uphill trend for a few years. More information in our guide “rimless toilet”.

6.2. More hygiene thanks to the shower toilet

WC + shower = shower toilet. The perfect fusion for your hygiene on the quiet place.

The good old bidet has not yet had its day, but the shower toilet is a powerful extra for the bathroom, which is not only hygienic and practical, but also only needs half the space of the classic combination of toilet and bidet.

Our tips for your toilet purchase:

  • Rimless toilets are state of the art, clear purchase recommendations
  • If the budget for the shower toilet is not yet sufficient, at least make the connections
  • Toilet flushes with sensors are always practical

7: Digital technology

Not only more convenient, but also safer: Modern bathrooms rely on digital technology. This is still at the beginning – on the one hand, because some technical products are not yet mature. On the other hand, because the willingness to buy smart fittings and the like is still hesitant.

However, at the latest when digital technology makes our everyday life significantly easier and can even replace helping hands, the smart bathroom will no longer be unstoppable. A little bit of the future for current digital bathroom trends? Gladly.

7.1. Taps with voice control

It is already possible to control shower systems via app or display – pioneers here are Dornbracht with “Smart Water” or hansgrohe with “RainTunes”. Pre-configured favorite temperatures or shower settings can be conveniently called up at the push of a button.

Smart voice control is in the starting blocks for the future. On request, voice-controlled fittings allow water to flow into the basin or the bath at the right temperature. At first glance, this sounds like a technical gimmick, and is a plus in terms of freedom and independence, especially for less mobile bathroom users.

7.2. Safety systems for the entire bathroom

Also in the sense of self-determined bathroom use, there are other interactive elements that should make life in the bathroom easier: Integrated emergency calls, height-adjustable shower toilets, self-controlled orientation lights or systems that prevent the water from accidentally running on when you leave the bathroom.

What can we recommend in terms of digital bathroom?

  • Take a look at where you can already relieve technical aids today – keyword: motion detectors, remote controls, timers, thermostats
  • Don’t save on electrical connections – think about tomorrow when renovating your bathroom
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