Especially, we want an area where we can sit comfortably in our gardens. That’s why we want a place where we can sit and have fun with our family by building a pergola in our garden. Now people are tired of sitting in cafes or parks. They want to enjoy the sunny weather by building a pergola in their garden. Especially after the tiring days, it is the greatest pleasure to enjoy the garden. It is among the choices in countries where the climate is temperate and warm. Because they want to relax in the beautiful view of the outdoors, sitting in a small room. Therefore, it has been very important in the decoration of the pergola as well as the decoration of the kitchen or living room.

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You will have a lot of enjoyable memories to make in your pergola during the weekend. You can feel yourself special by reading the book with the smell of the magnificent air, enjoying the sun by sitting in your Çardağ. It will provide you with a lot of opportunities by having a barbecue with your family. As a whole with nature, you will be able to hear the birds’ voices. You can relax in your pergola with a nice coffee.

It can offer you many opportunities. Therefore, we ask you to make a pergola in the gardens of your homes. If you haven’t done it, it’s not too late.

Pergola Decoration Ideas

While decorating the pergola, attention should be paid to the choice of accessories and places.If your garden is large, pool and swing decoration will make it look nice and beautiful. You can make your pergola look aesthetic and spacious by making beautiful decorations.Sun rays are very important in terms of health and temperature.

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In rainy weather, a roof must be built on your arbor. Wooden furniture will dominate your pergola. You should decorate flooring and lighting systems very well. You should choose a pergola for your garden where you will create a peaceful atmosphere with dim lighting and garden areas. In particular, you should take care to make the best decoration for your garden. By planting grass, you can change the ambiance and spaciousness of your garden both visually and peacefully.

You can design your garden by growing plants in pots and placing accessories. We visually show many photographs for you as examples. By making your preferences this way, you can have the arbor models you want.

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To make these options, you must have a large garden area. We are sure that you will get more money in cost. You can make your designs according to your budget.

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Wood Decoration Ideas

Wooden arbor models are preferred in all gardens. The biggest reason for choosing woodenpergola is that it has a natural appearance. It gives the feeling of both natural and intertwined with nature. People are bored with their busyness, car noises and noises. With the development of today’s technology, every place becomes very noisy and overwhelming. Therefore, they try to produce preferences for naturalness and simplicity.

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Wood decoratiers give people a warm feeling by being a natural organic material. It blends with nature with its smell and texture. Wood is a comfortable material when decorating with its lightness. Besides being light, it is both a durable and flexible material. The decoration of wooden pergola is resistant to electricity. Wood does not suffer from most chemicals. It can be integrated with nature.

Negative Properties of Wood

  • Wood is very weak against insects, fungi and worms.
  • Resistance to water and moisture is low.
  • It is a fire-resistant material.
  • Its structure is not homogeneous.
  • It is resistant to mechanical wear.

With the change of weather conditions, you can use it as a storage area with the arrival of winter conditions. You can use many unnecessary items in our house as a storage area in our pergolas.
You have to adjust the heat system very well by changing the weather conditions. Because woods are very resistant to fire. For this, we recommend that you seek advice from experts when installing the heat system. You can take precautions by constantly polishing your floor coverings and pergolas. We strongly recommend you to be very careful.

Plain and Easy to Use Arbours

Easy choices come to the fore both in formal and simplicity in modern garden decorations. If you can see your simple and easy pergola in this photo we have shown. It will attract your attention with its magnificent appearance that adds peace and simplicity .

Outdoor Pergola

Geographical location is one of the most important factors when choosing Çardak in the open air. Because it can be a problem to choose in regions that are raining. We mostly prefer outdoor pergola in temperate and sunny regions. You should prefer sunny days when you prefer pergola in our gardens outdoors. You will add color to your garden by making designs such as trees, flower pots and swings in your gardens. In open air pergola, white color will provide a nice and spacious appearance.
While having breakfast in the morning, you can relax by taking the breeze of the air. In the evening, you can catch the atmosphere with our friends or families.

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What to Consider When Making Arbours

Gazebos are another name for camellias, one of the indispensable resting places in spring and summer. If we want to build a gazebo, we must first decide which seasons to use our gazebo. Will we use it in summer or winter? Or do we want to use it all year round.

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In order to start the construction of the gazebo, the area where we will build the gazebo must be measured in advance and the places where the feet will be nailed must be marked. First, the gazebo feet are placed and their firmness is checked. Then the boards connecting the feet are placed and the roof is passed. The first thing to do at the roof stage is the creation of the roof frame. The roof frame is formed by joining the sheets from the four corners in the middle of the camellia, about 50 cm above the edge sheet lengths.

Then the edges of the roof should be attached with wood so that the roof should be solid. The most important place for the arbor is definitely the roof. You should make sure that it is protected from sun in summer and rain in winter. When it rains, the boards are covered with plastic material so that they do not swell and rot in a short time. With this stage, we have created the true foundation of our gazebos. You can now create borders. The borders of the gazebo increase durability and a little according to your taste in terms of decoration. You can nail the boards to the limits according to your taste. Of course, you should not forget to fasten the feet together.

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