Over the years, innovations in decoration have increased, and therefore many options for home owners appear. Various alternatives from modern designs to vintage touches are offered by the companies to the customers. In this sense, we have gathered the details and ideas about Rustic Decor, which is among the popular decoration suggestions of recent years, for our valuable readers.

Rustik Dekorasyon
Rustic Decor

This style will be a good option for those who do not want to stick to one type in decoration. Those who favor comfort and variety when decorating their home can evaluate the rustic style.

Rustik Kitaplık
Rustic Decor

Although home decoration is often difficult due to the options at hand, it is still a pleasant process when looking at the whole. Rustic style, which has recently become popular among those who want to apply their own taste at home, comes to the fore. Creating a warm image with knitted blankets and ethnic patterns is extremely easy with this style.

Rustik Dizayn

Rustic style prioritizes naturalness. An example of this is the use of tree branches, baskets and wooden crates.

Thanks to the earth tones and natural colors, harmony in rustic style decoration can be revealed.

Rustik Ev Dekorasyonu

Rustic Decor Colors

The combination of second-hand items and new items are among the distinctive features of rustic style. A second-hand lamp shade can be placed on a modern cabinet or an old mirror can be used to reflect the light of the room and be decorative. Such details will also help to reveal a different style.

Rustik Tasarım
Rustik Ev Dizaynı Nasıl Olmalı

As a result of the combination of metal colors and wood, a different but comfortable appearance emerges. A vintage pendant on the dining table will look great in the chandelier.

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Rustik Mutfak Dekorasyonu

Those who want to include rustic decor in the kitchen part of the house can make a difference with a fireplace-like stove. The temperature of the fire will also change the energy of the environment in an instant. The kitchen should also include vintage-style cooking utensils. Another important detail about the kitchen in the rustic style is the use of kitchen faucets with a vintage look. Thus, the image of the environment will become harmonious.

Rustik Ev Dizaynı
Rustik Lavabo Dekorasyonu

Lighting in Rustic Decor

The use of lampshades that give natural light in the lighting section will ensure that the ambience furnished in a rustic style meets a pleasant ambiance.

Rustik Mutfak Dekorasyon

The harmony of wood and glass also creates a very nice image. For this, decorative glass vases can be placed on the coffee tables.

Rustik Dekorasyon Aydınlatma

Rustic style will be a good choice for those who like natural appearance and who love traces of the past. Thanks to this style where comfort meets naturalness, all individuals in the house will have a good time.

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