How to decorate the living room?

What are the points to pay attention to? What size rug for the
living room? The most up-to-date the living room decoration suggestions. The most admired designs.Continue reading our article for sofa set, wall colors, color harmony, carpet, curtain, lighting, accessory selection and more …

You want to renovate your living room but don’t you dare? You went shopping for living roomdecoration and are you confused among dozens of alternatives? Worse still, you can’t find the loungesuites that suit your taste? Is your favorite sofa set big in your living room? Do you think how to
renew my living room without spending a lot of money? You can also have the living room of yourdreams. Without spending a fortune!Either start from the beginning or make small changes to your existing room. Living room decoration ideas that we share regardless of the size and shape of your living room will inspire you. Whatever ideas you apply, your living rooms; Remember that it is the most important place in your home that
reflects your decoration style.

Create your own the living room

Can’t find your dream seating group? Or is the sofa set that you like a lot big in your living room? Well, how about creating a seating group yourself? Instead of choosing a standard sofa set, be different and you can create your own custom seating group in styles of your own choice but
compatible. In this way, you have to eliminate the necessity to choose decorative pieces with uniform and same shades for your living room.
Begin the living room decoration by choosing the pieces of furniture in uniform form and matching colors, for example, black and white are complementary colors. You can achieve a perfect image that is not boring and complement each other with elegant accessories that you can choose using your taste.

Also, since you will create your sitting group yourself, it will be more possible to combine according to your budget. The important point here is to choose according to the size of your room. Also, don’t forget to use pieces that have different but complementary styles and shapes and choose multiple colored tiles instead of one color.

The living room focal point

It is important that, like all other rooms in your home, it is a focal point for your living room. This focal point should be a place that attracts everyone’s attention that you can’t get your eyes on from the moment you enter the room. If your living room does not have a specific focus, all decoration
themes can compete with each other, creating an uncomfortable and complex look. Choosing a center object is a great way to create a focal point in your living room. As the focal point in your living room; You can choose an ambitious and large piece such as a stunning wallpaper, a magnificent vase,a table or a fireplace.Using wooden items will strengthen your decoration.

Both the natural stance of the wood and the perspective that strengthens the authentic air will make you have a truly wonderful power in your hand.You can make your own art by filling your walls with well-chosen
paintings. It is important to choose a table suitable for the size of its wall. If you have your own paintings, these make your living rooms perfect

Color harmony

Combining colors correctly will always make you successful in decoration. For modern living rooms decoration, this color harmony and color combination is one of the important factors. It is the same color harmony not only for the living room but also for kitchen decoration, bathroom decoration, bedroom decoration. You should continue the color harmony you have made in your living rooms in these rooms.

How to choose curtains for living room

Curtains are one of the most remarkable places in the living room. Therefore, the choice of curtains becomes very important.You should choose the zebra curtain model, which is one of the trends of this year. In addition, if your fabric is cotton or silk, it will increase the quality of your curtain and add beauty to your living room.

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