Trend of 2020 15 Home Decoration Ideas

2020 will be one of the years when technology is integrated into our lives. In this year, we will not lose our phone from our mobile proximity, but we will use all the new possibilities of technology until the last drop. Here, of course, our house will also have its share of this work. While placing our technological products in the corners of our house, we will not be able to stop ourselves from thinking how to decorate. Here it will be extremely important to follow the trends and watch successful home decoration ideas. We have prepared for you the compilation of 15 home decorating ideas for 2020 trends by following these trends in order to benefit you at Home Architect. In this article, we will try to add a different perspective to your home by giving suggestions as well as giving home decoration ideas 2020.

Home decoration ideas 2020

1-Think minimalist

First home decoration ideas 2020, thinking minimalist is one of the biggest trends of the 21st century. Of course, this trend is among the home decoration ideas of 2020. You can increase your happiness level if you design it by thinking simple rather than decorating and decorating your home. In order to be happy, it will be sufficient for you to think more for your home and live with less things.

2-Embrace the whole house

It is extremely important to perceive the house as a whole. Being able to see the house completely allows you to balance your compatibility with other rooms while designing your room. Therefore, our advice to you is to perceive the house as a whole rather than seeing the rooms one by one.

3-Use cute colors

Which color to choose is of great importance in beautifying your home. Whether it is gray tones or the clear shapes of yellow, making these choices are choices that will take your home to another level. Especially, choosing cute colors will provide us great advantages in home decoration.

4-Consider Geometric

It may be a good point to draw borders with shapes. Square, circle, rectangle shapes that will help you with home decoration. Placing the correct geometric shapes in certain parts of the house can help you have where you dream.

5-Pay attention to tablecloths and bed linen

The harmony of tablecloths with the walls, the completion of household items are among the works that will take you to the next level in home decoration.

6-Color your floors and ceilings

The base of the house and the ceiling at the same time are always designed in the same color as a general understanding. However, such traditionalism is not required. You can turn your ceilings to a color that is compatible with the walls of your home, and you can also paint your ceilings with epoxy. Epoxy paint will make it easier for you to add a different atmosphere to your home with various colors and figures.

7-Differentiate your curtains

Curtains affect both the appearance of your home and your perception when you look inside. If there is a stylish curtain, you will have the beauty and perfection by displaying all areas of the house. For this reason, you should definitely pay attention to the curtain issue about home decoration ideas and make your home beautiful by choosing the right curtain.

8-Light your home properly

There is a difference between lighting your home and lighting it right. Correct lighting reveals the beauty of the house and provides convenience to your life in a better environment. Here, many factors such as chandelier selection and bulb selection can be considered.

9-Focus on edging and details

The details of your home are the points that differentiate the work and are the main determinants. That is why the shape, shape and model of the edging ornaments determine the beauty of the house. However, focusing on the details will prepare your ground for appreciation by those who are meticulous.

10-Antiques can save lives

Dividing certain parts of your home into antiques definitely adds a completely different atmosphere to your home. The use of antiques is one of the most important points for the spirit of your home.

11-Carpet selection provides decoration

We have talked that the soles should be colored. We wanted to skip the most important points in this process. Carpet selection and decorative placement of carpets are one of the only factors affecting the process.

12-Stay away from your walls

Stop sticking your stuff on your walls. In these days when we enter 2020, instead of bringing the items closer to the walls, moving away from the walls and approaching the minimalist trend will yield much better results.

13-Build your chairs and tables in great harmony

Chairs and tables must complete the structure of the house. If we chose a different style of table with wall colors and general concept, we would have done a bad job.

14-Transform your old furniture

There are some bad habits in our country. Throwing old furniture or giving it to spotters is a bad habit. If old furniture can be renewed instead of acting like this, we may encounter a different and beautiful decoration. Considering the harmony of the furniture in this matter and the atmosphere harmony, replacing your old furniture will give good results.

15-Using white can provide simplicity

White color can add beauty to work as you never expected. The general harmony, simplicity and complementary feature of white color will make your home beautiful. For this, you can choose white in certain parts of your home.If you want to buy here you can visit to

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