The essentials in brief

A modern wall unit combines functionality with design.

Wall units usually consist of low and high boards, shelf parts and hanging elements.

Which type of wall unit fits in your living room depends on the planned use and the size and design of the room.

When buying the wall unit, you should pay attention to the size and material, but also whether the furniture is suitable for the intended use.

Wall units that completely cover an entire wall or even several walls are largely a thing of the past. We will explain which modern variants are available and how you can optimally integrate the wall unit into your room concept.

What is a wall unit for?

The living room is a place where you should feel comfortable. However, this is not the only aspect that you should consider when setting up this room. Functionality is also an important point. A wall unit should therefore not only match the other living room furniture, but also offer sufficient storage space.

Depending on the design, you can also use a modern wall unit as a multimedia station that can accommodate a television, Blu-ray player, game console and stereo system. If shelving systems are installed, you can sort your CDs and books into them. Which objects are ultimately visible depends on how many open and closed elements the wall unit has. By choosing the wall unit, you can significantly influence the look of your living room.

Different types of wall units

Wall units in modern living rooms often consist of several components. Wall units, showcases, bookshelves, a lowboard and a TV compartment are common components. However, this does not only apply to multi-part add-on walls, but also to classic coherent wall units.

Continuous wall installation

This is the version of the wall unit that has been found in living rooms for decades. Individual living room cupboards such as highboards, lowboards, wall units and showcases are screwed together without gaps. This creates a closed front, which often gives larger rooms more peace. In rooms with a floor space of less than 20 square meters, the continuous wall cladding is often overwhelming.

Multi-part extension wall

With this variant, the elements of the classic wall unit can be placed flexibly because you do not screw them together. Since the individual pieces of furniture have the same design, a coherent overall picture nevertheless results. Do you only have space on a wall to place the TV on a lowboard? Other associated furniture can easily be placed elsewhere in the room.

Shelf wall

Instead of a combination of different living room cupboards, as the name suggests, these are primarily several shelves that are combined to form a wall unit. Hanging elements are also possible. In this way you get enough storage space for your books and your CD or record collection also finds a suitable place.

Floating wall unit

In order to make the living room appear larger, the use of wall cupboards is recommended. This relates in particular to the TV part of the wall unit that is usually on the floor. In addition to the look, this also has another advantage: you can clean the floor much more conveniently.

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The most important purchase criteria

If you want to buy a wall unit instead of individual living room cabinets, you should first of all pay attention to its dimensions. This does not only apply to models whose individual parts are screwed together. Even if it consists of flexibly placeable individual parts, you need enough space to accommodate them in the living room.

Which material you should choose depends primarily on your personal preferences and your room concept. Matt furniture, for example, gives the room tranquility, while high-gloss fronts give the wall unit a particularly modern look. However, the latter literally attract dust and are therefore associated with a slightly higher cleaning effort. Popular materials for living and extension walls are oak, beech and pine.

If the contents of the cabinet are to be protected from dust, prying eyes or children playing, closed fronts are ideal. However, these can easily appear very massive and optically reduce the space. Showcases are a good solution. They are often available in a standing version and as a wall cabinet.

Many manufacturers supply a living room or TV wall with suitable lighting. Showcases and shelf parts are usually equipped with it. With different colors you can easily influence the mood in the room. If you have decided against lighting when buying your wall unit, you can usually add it later.7

Cost of a wall unit

The price of a wall unit depends on a variety of factors. Size, material and equipment are certainly the most important points. In addition, you should note that individual components can significantly increase the price. A wall unit with two showcases usually costs more than a comparable model with two closed wall units.

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